Tips On Reducing Video File Size

Are you worried about your big videos eating up a lot of hard-drive space? Well, most of the movies today are made in Full HD which encompasses a considerable disk space, creating problems for other more necessary data in a computer. Thus, you have the video converter software systems today that are designed to reduce file size of a video so that you can easily make space for your academic or professional files. Here are some tips on how to reduce video file size.

First of all, you would have to install the video converter software in your computer. Make sure to go for a reputed software, supported by happy customers and satisfied experts. As you download the program, you will get instructions to proceed.

The next step is to add on the required videos from your computer folder to the converter software program. You would find something like “Add Video” section on the program through which you will select and open up/add the needed videos one by one.

After you have included the videos to be reduced, you would need to choose the desired preset & specify the video settings. In this step your task is to select the preferred video format such as FLV, AVI, MP4 etc. The experts generally advise to take to MP4 format as it’s widely compatible with both PCs & mobile devices. If you are looking to play the video on tablet or mobile, you have to reduce the video size.

Now, you would have to reduce the bitrate value of the video since it’s the bitrate factor that determines the size of a video file. You will get a size-customization window in the program to decrease bitrate value. Finally, start off with the video conversion process and within minutes you would be done with a reduced video saved in your system folder.